Monday, February 24, 2014

A little taste of France...over the Derby Line

As if we hadn't already had enough of Old Man Winter in New England, my family and I decided to trek up to Quebec City to experience a little taste of France, over the Derby Line. After driving for seven hours under clear blue skies and mild temperatures, it was just wishful thinking that we might escape our visit without any snow (an ice storm, to be exact!).


Getting around the city was a bit tough with the icy conditions, and climbing the city streets was nothing short of mountain goat status, yet it didn't prevent us from getting a good sense of this fabulous place. Just when we thought we couldn't go any further, we stopped at Paillard for a duck confit salad, which was just the ticket. Thank god for the abundance of wine and french pastries on every corner, to help motivate tired legs. The silver lining to all our climbing you ask?...Buns-of-steel.

A stop at the Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec was the perfect escape from the cold, and the chance to view some of Picasso's famous works from his rose and blue period. We were even lucky enough to see Gaugin's "The Seed of the Areoi". While we were museuming, the hubby and little one hit the aquarium--winning!

Interesting museum tidbit: one section of their extensive collection is housed in a former prison. Let's hope that this is the closest my boy ever gets to a cell block.

Much thanks to the folks at Fodor's for helping to make our trip a success. Hitting all the major sites like Le Chateau Frontenac, shopping at Quartier Petite Champlain, St. Lawrence River, Glissade de la Terrasse and Place Royale. And if you've never been to France or Europe for that matter, Old City in Quebec is a close second. Visiting during warmer weather would be my only recommendation, unless you are a snow-bunny.

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