Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Boston Flower and Garden Show | 2014

It's mid-March and the fact that snow storms are still being forecasted is frankly unnerving. Thankfully, the Boston Flower and Garden Show opened its doors last week, because not even a blizzard could have kept me away. I have a visceral need for any color that is not white.

Large-scale vignettes, combined with gorgeous plantings, provided the viewer with plenty of inspiration for both interior and outdoor spaces. Long blue and white panels with sailor's knot tie-backs give purpose to this color theme, and remind me that I will be setting sail for the BVI's in a few weeks. More to come on that subject!

A unique mix of traditional and contemporary designs, shown through furniture, plant (bamboo, tulips oxalis, palms) and color selection, all of which helped to provoke excitement for warmer weather 'round these parts.

I like this bohemian-style vignette, with views of Japanese maples and under-plantings of pink and white tulips.

The beauty of this Charles River vignette was "all about a tree," a golden weeping willow, to be exact! Wish I could have captured the reach and extension of its beautiful wispy branches.

Along with these fantail doves, I want to know: when is spring coming to Boston? Seriously folks, it's been a trying winter, and it's about time for Old Man Winter to move out.

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