Monday, February 10, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

GUEST BATH - Option 1 - hung vertically

It all started with the guest bath, which started with the dining get the point.

GUEST BATH - Option 2 - hung vertically

Bathroom mini-makeovers have been going on here at 44 (three to be exact), and the finishing touches are ready to be put into place. Mirror, mirror on the wall...where can I find a good mirror?

As it turns out, after combing through my usual sources, and having no luck at HomeGoods, the answer to the question is POTTERY BARN! Here are some of the mirrors that I am considering...

MASTER BATH - Option 2

I am currently leaning towards Master Bath - Option 2, as I can visualize the champagne gilt-finish paired with the creamy tones of my marble-like vanity.

KIDS BATH - hung horizontally

Sometimes, you get lucky. The PERFECT mirror for the kids bath was patiently waiting for me at IKEA. Large enough to replace the full wall mirror that they had before, yet small enough to sit above a single-sink vanity. Not to mention the great price, which included beveled glass. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks IKEA!

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