Monday, March 31, 2014

Art in Bloom: Design Approach

Spring has sprung, and although you could have fooled me, it doesn't change the fact that Art in Bloom is right around the corner. After photographing all the artwork for Art in Bloom 2014, and having the opportunity to see the submissions ahead of time, I knew this painting was mine from the start. My girl, the equestrian, qualified for Regionals and Zones this year, and she wasn't about to let me pass on choosing this beautiful Friesian horse as my inspiration. We all know who runs the show around here.

I often talk about my design approach to theme-based projects like this, and it almost always starts with a container. This year is no exception, except to say that the backstory on this container choice is a good one, so listen up. While off on another design-related adventure together, I had a "container conversation" with my husband that went something like this.

Me: Do you have a metal-like container at the Transfer Station that I could use for my Art in Bloom project? I was picturing something long and rectangular, you know, like a trough.

Husband: I can just make you one.

Me: Make me a container? Are you serious?

Husband: Yes!

Me: You do know I can be rather persnickety?

Husband: Yes, I know!'s no big deal. I can have one of the guys whip it up, you just need to provide me with the template, and more details about your vision.

Me: Well all-righty then...where should I begin? I want the container to be long and rectangular in shape, gray/black in color, very rustic looking, with leather straps and rivets.

So at this point, I have provided my hubby with the template, and we shall see. I might be wise, however, to work out the rest of the design details on my own end, to avoid the possibility of being upstaged by a container!

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