Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Far and Away

                              May the wind be always at your back, and the sunshine warm upon your face.

Growing up in MY family meant that you did your share of camping, which meant that you were no stranger to the term "roughing it." When I was a teen, sleeping outside on the cold ground, early morning rising, lack of electrical outlets, and bad hair didn't even begin to explain the frustration of all the wonderful experiences that surround camping. It still irks me when people are surprised by the fact that I've been camping. I guess I don't look like the camping type, whatever that is. So, when my parents decided to get their captain's licenses and bought a Beneteau 510 from The Moorings that they named Far and Away, it was then that I knew we were headed for better shores.

The Moorings - Tortola | Christmas 1992

In December of 1992, right after Christmas, we bid farewell to our days of camping, and said hello to the wind-filled sails of the British Virgin Islands. Setting sail on our first Moorings vacation would prove to be the beginning of something special. For the next eight years, my parents would sail the world as boat-owners, from one exotic Moorings base to another, from Tonga and Tahiti to Corsica and Sardinia, the Greek Isles, the French Riviera, Australia and Turkey, just to name a few. And, we would reap the benefits.

St. Maarten - St. Barth 


So, after a very long hiatus from the BVI's (too long in fact), my family and I will be returning to where it all began. As we look forward to our Virgin adventure, it makes me think about all the great experiences that I have had being "on the water". Could it be the beautiful views, the warm sea air, gorgeous sunsets, unparalleled relaxation, or time with family? Or could it be the Pusser's Painkiller in my hand? You decide.

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