Monday, April 14, 2014

Art in Bloom | 2014

Art in Bloom begins tonight, with the usual opening night reception, followed by the opportunity for participating artists and floral designers to talk about the inspiration(s) behind their designs.

In thinking about MY inspiration(s) for this year's Art in Bloom design, I began with a day out at Mount Holyoke , where my "best girl" rode her way through the Interscholastic Equestrian Association Zone Finals. My husband and I could not be more proud of our girl's unyielding dedication to riding, sincere adoration for these loving creatures, and her strong determination to excel in the show ring. So, needless to say, if I couldn't find inspiration to interpret this beautiful Friesian Horse by Britt Day after a day spent surrounded by horses, then I have a problem.

So after many years of interpreting artwork with florals (nine years to be exact), I have become somewhat immune to the temptation to interpret them literally. Along with experience, comes the confidence to take artist risks, and since there is never a right or wrong way when you're talking about the art of interpreting, it's all good. So here goes!

finished details - not shown

Starting with a custom-made container, thanks to my hubby, makes my jumping off point easy. The color, weight, and texture of this amazing container does most of the leg-work for me. But what should I fill it with, you ask? Having been an equestrian myself, and having ridden in a few open fields during my teens, provides me the ability to draw on a little personal experience, and this is where the flower selection comes into play. Transporting myself back, I visualize an expansive field from an elevated position. I can hear the calm hush of silence, the warm heat rising from the tall grass as it brushes my fingertips, and the sweet smell of hay in the air, all leading me to my decision. I decide to create a miniature field, with mixtures of flowers that mimic the varied landscape of a field, where I imagine that I can catch a glimpse of this majestic Friesian, leisurely grazing.

Artwork for this event is provided by the Lynnfield Middle and High School, and members of the Lynnfield Art Guild. This will be my ninth year interpreting a painting, and I have to admit that I enjoy the process more and more every time, not to mention that this is the second time that I have had the honor of interpreting a piece by Britt Daw. Thanks Britt!

Come by tomorrow, to see the final design pictures and details.

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