Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quiet the Mind - Caribbean Style

It's pretty safe to say that I am a person who has a slight tendency towards over-thinking--just ask the people in my life. Quieting this over-the-top mind of mine is a rather tall order. But for some strange reason, sailing, sleeping on a boat, and being in the presence of water seem to do the trick. It's all "Calgon, take me away," the minute I step on board, and I'm instantly transported to another place. Although, there wasn't quite enough Calgon that could take me away from sharing tight quarters with eleven other family members, this time, it was all good.

As our voyage began, we set sail out from Road Town on " Paw Paw of Wight" London into slightly rough seas, aware that we would need to make adjustments to the "Captains" itinerary, at least until the winds died down. Main ports-of-call on this trip included: Pusser's Marina Cay, Spanish Town, The Baths, Savannah Bay, Bitter End, Biras Creek, White Beach, Soper's Hole, and Peter Island. And maybe a few that I forgot.

Look at the beaming face of our "Captain." Positioned at the helm of a Moorings 4600 Catamaran is the only place that he would like to be.

Mom, however, is the real "Captain" of this vessel, and don't you forget it! A trooper at heart, and willing to put up with my Dad's long-time love of sailing, and sailing vacations. I imagine that she is looking forward to returning home to some basic luxuries, and a comfortable place to sit.

My sister, a self-proclaimed landlubber, is more than ready for an evening off the boat. Dressed up and dining in-style, under beautiful panoramic views of the sun setting on Biras Creek.

A force to be reckoned with, as this motley crew takes on The Baths.

A "little" taste of luxury on Virgin Gorda, at Little Dix Bay.

My kids, the eldest of the group, paying it forward and enjoying some quality time with their cousins, as the trip comes to a close.

If only I could find a way to bottle this Calgon-feeling, and administer an occasional dose from time to time, my mind would be so thankful. But for now...it's business as usual.

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