Friday, May 2, 2014

The Power of Appreciation: Melt My Heart

On route home from a wonderful vacation, toting a few hidden treasures (ssshh) in my suitcase and a nasty cold that I picked up while sharing some rather tight living quarters. So off to the allergist I go, for some asthma meds, and the hope of feeling better soon.

Britt's Fine Art

With meds in hand, I return home to find a package sitting on the kitchen island, patiently awaiting my arrival. What is this? It's a note from the Art in Bloom artist, Britt Daw, thanking me for my interpretation of her Friesian Horse painting, along with a print of her painting, matted and ready to go. I was speechless. Such a heartwarming, thoughtful, unexpected homecoming surprise!

Britt's Fine Art

It's moments like this that stop me in my tracks, force me to forget about how sick I'm feeling right now, and remind me about the power of appreciation. It melts my heart.

Now, where should I hang this gorgeous piece???

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