Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dog Years.

On a beautiful summer night, I had the honor of attending my first doggie birthday party, which was planned, and expertly executed, by my niece (a future party planner in the making, and a force to be reckoned with!). The guest of honor was a 13 year old chocolate lab named Bailey, pictured here taking it all in stride. One of the benefits of being in your later years.

I had fun taking on the responsibility of photographing some of the highlights. While every detail was attended to with the utmost care and concern for each guest, the lucky seven (dogs) who were in attendance received the royal treatment, from a piƱata filled with beggin' strips, to an assortment of bones, to the homemade beef jerky-yogurt covered cake, with candles and all. My nephew even took a taste, because it looked so good and because he knew our reaction would be worth it!






It occurred to me while looking up Bailey's age in human years (82) that the dog age calculator could work to my benefit, making me about 7 in dog years. You do the math.

A gigantic thanks to my niece, the hostess with the mostess. And for all the aging humans in the group, we can all rest easy knowing that the party-torch will be handed over to someone who is more than capable. Phew!

Girl...you still got it!

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